Muskego PD K9 Bike Raffle

Win a New 2022 Zero FXE Electric Motorcycle!

Drawing April 22, 2023
1 FOR $20 - 5 FOR $80


In November 2013 Muskego PD’s first K-9 officer, Sirius joined the department. Sirius is a German Shepherd who was born on 3/6/12 in Germany. He got his name from a contest we held. A heroic dog with the same name was the only K-9 killed in the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers. 

Everything in the K-9 program, except the handler’s pay, is funded through donations. This includes not only the dog, its ongoing training and gear, but also a specially equipped squad car. I was happily surprised at how quickly the community came together to raise the funds for Sirius. 

Sirius’ handler, Sgt. Shawn Diedrich, has held just about every assignment an officer can have in Muskego. To provide additional coverage for the city when Sirius is off duty, Obi (also a German Shepherd) was added in October of 2019. His handler is Officer Andrew Sundstrom. 

When the K-9’s are not at work, they stay with their handlers in their home. With Sirius, now 9 years of age, he is soon going to retire, which means staying with the Diedrich family and chasing a Kong instead of “bad guys”. The focus for this fundraiser is to find another K-9 officer to take over for Sirius and allow him to enjoy his well deserved retirement.

Win this Zero FXE Electric Motorcycle!

How Far Will the Bike Travel Between Charges?

  • Range combined city/hwy = 75 miles
  • City range = 100 miles

Charging Time:

  • Standard = 9.7hrs
  • W/1 Accessory Charger = 4.1hrs
  • W/Max Accessory Chargers = 1.8hrs


Bike Stats:

  • Weight = 298lbs
  • Carrying Capacity = 332lbs
  • Seat Height = 32.9"
  • Instant Torque = 78ft lbs; other models up to 140lbs
    • 46 hp @4300 rpm
  • ABS Brakes
  • 5yr Power Pack Warranty
  • LED Head & Tail Lights
  • Full Color 5" Dash With Speed, State of Charge, Power Output, Select Ride Profile & Projected Discharge Time


Pros of Owning an Electric Motorcycle:

  • EVS Significantly reduces CO2 and Noxious Fumes While Saving Oil Reserves
  • No Clutch! No Gears! Just GO!!!
  • Low Maintenance
  • Three Riding Modes (Economy, Custom & Sport)
  • Phone App Available 
  • Locate Charging Stations Using